Bioplast company is producing all kinds of plastic packaging from all kind of foils. The company is the biggest producer of rounded plastic boxes. Most used materials are PET (polyethylene terepthalate), for which we have distribution and sale, PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Other materials are used on the customer's demand.

Bioplast company has put the quality and flexibility on the first place in its customer policy. In terms of the commitment of quality, our producer of raw materials ensures that the material reachs all the European and American standards (for many years we are cooperating with Kimberly Clark Corporation). So material is suitable for packaging food, it does not contain inappropriate (harmful for health and environment) substances, etc. In terms of flexibility we produce packaging without limits in design. We are offering packages for your item from beginning to the end, that is from design, to manufacturing tools (at our bussiness partner) to the final product. Even for the purpose of packages we can create machines that are source of our knowledge and experiences. If there are any desires or needs for colored packages, we can arrange that too.

We could also mention that the design is always tailored to the customer's wishes and of course the needs of the item, which also includes a wide range of functions of the packaging: stacking one on the other, protection during transportation, protection against opening the package, convenience in packaging and last (but not least) also attracting views of your customers that your product is even more noticeable.

We are the main distributor for PET material in Slovenia. PET is the main material used in our production . Our company is among the first one to begin the wider usage of PET. Material PET is environmentally friendly and complies with all applicable environmental standards. It also means an advantage compared to others, especially in comparison with PVC. Namely, European Union has taxed PVC because of its ecological adulteration.

We have already produced a lot of various plastic packages for a wide variety of products to our customers. Thus, we have and still produce packaging for:

  • - Food products (fruits, cookies, chocolate)
  • - Electrical equipment (sockets, switches, cables)
  • - Sensitive hi-tech elements (sensors, optical glasses)
  • - Mobile operators (Phones)
  • - Gas grills and heating system (pipes, keys, seals)
  • - The construction industry (guns for one-component and silicone kite, brushes)
  • - Automotive (bulbs)
  • - Dental technique
  • - The pharmaceutical industry (sets for anesthesia)
  • - Metal industry (locks)
  • - Wood industry (curtain rails)
  • - The air carrier for packaging food for passengers on airplanes
  • - Tasting dishes
  • - Religious institutions (candles, tablecloths)
  • - Manufacturers of clothing (children's shoes)
  • - Corporate gift program and others.
  • We assure you the best quality packaging, adapted to your needs and desires, and offer regular and reliable supply of packaging.

With experience and innovation to quality packaging