Our Record

In the summer of 2009, Planica (the most famous family ice cream) celebrated 35 years. On this occasion, we have connected with the Ljubljanske mlekarne, agency Pristop and the Jozef Stefan Institute and created the longest ice cream package in the world. In the category of "longest ice cream dessert" we set a world record, entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Ice cream box was 35 meters long and contained the typical flavors of Planica (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate). The record was set at the central event in Ljubljana. At the end, the audience was able to try a sweet indulgence.

Bid for a world record in the context of Giunness book is not easy, because the book has high standards and strict regulations. It also provides guidance for a record. However, we were able to make non-serial ice cream cup, which was 10,5cm wide, 7cm high and 35m long.

The biggest challenge was a limited time to obtain the relevant materials, which should be sufficiently durable and waterproof and also, in addition to everything else, the food faultless. For all preparations for the event, we need a week. Almost the entire ice-cream box was made by hand from strips (1.8 m long) and the conclusions. Our team, which counted 10 members, glued strips with special adhesives at the place of achieving a record, because the transport of 35m long ice-cream cup could be a logistical problem. In a similar manner, we made also the cover for this plastic box. Plastic cup without ice cream weighed 12,5kg.

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